Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I could not really get into "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams but i actually really enjoyed "Seven" by Andrew Kevin Walker. It was very intriguing and I actually own that movie and i had seen it prior to being asked to read it so i was more than over joyed to. I enjoyed the concept of the movie because it was surreal but very down to reality because there are individuals out there who really think like that. People who feel that they are doing someones work by eliminating the individuals that are just people with normal flaws; even though the people that were chosen seemed to have heavy flaws in the seven deadly sins it still gives you no right to decide if they live or not.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break

I was super sciced about spring break but then nothing really happened.
Friday-came home and my dad treated me to the Mexican restaurant, then went to a kick back
Saturday- went shopping
Sunday-gone shopping
Monday- who knows?_?
Tuesday- who knows?_?
Wednesday-gone shopping
Thursday-hung out. shopping
Friday- went to a party, met up with some old friends
Saturday-went to numerous parties (had to live it up before we cam back to school)
Sunday-trailed back to Richard Bland

Week 4

This week was as relaxed as they all are. We were asked to read "A Good Man is Hard to Find", and "The Cask of Amontillado". In "A good Man is Hard to Find", There was a family taking a trip to Florida but the entire time the grandmother was upset and fussing about connecting with their roots in Tennessee. then all of a sudden the car gets into a wreck and they are faced with the Misfit and his crew. The misfit kills off the family by twos and then has a faith questioning conversation with the grandmother who is know basically begging for her life.

So I'm just gong to post a picture of the story "The Cask of Amontillado", because the story confused me

Week 5

This week were writing a paper about none of the stories we have read thus far. I am leaning towards the story " A Good Man is Hard to Find", because i like what the plot is about. I enjoy stories a movies that question your faith because its a mutual trait that almost everyone has in common on this earth. I feel there is very few people who don't have faith in anything and not necessarily relating to a religion but just having faith in something that guides your life.

In "A Good Man is Hard to Find", the grandmothers faith was tested in her encounter with the Misfit. Which actually was the last person you would think that would stir up anything dealing with religion, but in actuality was more wholesome than her despite him being a killer :/

Friday, January 31, 2014


This week went by kind of fast we didn't do much. Although I am very appreciative of Mr. Sweeney and his decision of making our class in the library instead of all the way across campus in the freezing cold, and I am even luckier that i checked my email before I decided to skate all the way over there

The stories we had to read this week were “Hills Like White Elephants” and “The Chrysanthemums”. I actually recall reading “Hills Like White Elephants” in high school and it was a good reading after i cam to understand the analysis of the hills being compared to a pregnant baby. I am not really that found of all of the dialog though because its gets tiresome and kind of confusing after a while. As I read “The Chrysanthemums” it seemed like a pleasant enough story with a nice setting but I was sort of pointless or maybe I am understanding it incorrectly, I say this because overall the woman is just upset because the tinker threw out her plants and even though she cherished them and loved them it really wasn’t anything to cry over in my opinion. Also in the story I felt as if her and her husband were not necessarily on the same page, I do feel like he cares about her I just don’t think they were mentally in tune with each other to call themselves husband and wife.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 2

So I am kind of having a hard time understanding how to read other peoples blogs from my class, to know exactly what to write but I guess i'll do the best I can.

The two stories we were assigned to read read were "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven",and "The Yellow Wallpaper".  The first story is basically about a Native American who moves to Seattle with his Caucasian girlfriend, they have a fight and he ends up staying back his home Spokane jobless until he gains the will to get up and go work. The second story was about a women who was diagnosed with a temporary nervous condition by her husband, who is a doctor and is to rest and stay in this one room he picked out for covered in yellow wallpaper. The woman is not allowed to do any of the hobbies she wants so she then becomes obsessed with the yellow wallpaper, and comes up with an ideal that there is a women trapped behind the wallpaper, she then rips the wallpaper off the walls and let the woman go.

Although I was not in class to participate in the discussion I did read the material and I actually found the story "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven" to be the one I most enjoyed for the simple fact that it was so relateable and even though now that I think back on it I don't quite understand what the purpose of the story was it was still nice to read sort of like bits and pieces you would grasp from different movies and just combine together. "The Yellow Wallpaper" really stumped me I get that the one woman overall went insane but some minor details made me wonder such as why she became infatuated with the wallpaper, why the main character was never really named, did she become one of the women behind the wallpaper once the story was over, and what did they mean when her husband had fainted and she had to step over him??